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Fighter Maker ASCII Entertainment Software (Japan), Agetec (Japan), 1999  




Modify an existing game :
  • Input methods
  • misc. (pad, mat...)
  • Rules of the game
  • configure parameters
  • Output (graphics, sounds...)
  • select in library
  • visual editor
  • 3D display

Targeted genres :

Similar tools

Fighter Maker Fighter Maker is a 3D fighting game that comes with three different modes. Normal mode lets the player fight in a series of exhibition matches against the computer and VS. mode lets two players fight against each other.

Edit mode is the main draw of this game. It lets players create a fighter by editing one of the fighters already in the game. The player can edit a characters profile, set which button combo executes which move, and how much damage it does. Players can also change a character's martial arts style, and then change the way the frames of animation follow through. The player can edit over 800 different moves from 20 different fighting styles.

Options let the player set the difficulty, the time of the fighting rounds, number of rounds, length of the life bar, and whether to turn Hyper Mode on or off. [source:mobygames]

Distribution : Retail - Commercial
Platform(s) of the tool : Playstation (PSX)
Platform(s) of the games created : Playstation (PSX)