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2D TopDown Plateformer Dead Pixel (Canada), Dead Pixel (Canada), 2016 Use it Now !

2D TopDown Plateformer This pack contains a character package to help you in creating your levels for 2D RPG/Adventure/MMORPG games with many many paperdoll parts (Body, Hand, Hair, Eyes, Eyebrows, Beard, armor, helmet, gloves, boots, pant, shoulder... and many more).
Over 4000 PNGs for characacters.

The character controller handle Walls, Bridge (character walk below or above the bridge).

It also has lot of unique Tiles 64x64!
The pack includes various types of sets:
- Castle Interior
- Castle Exterior
- Town
- Cave
- Forest

There's even more!
You can use this package with your very own tiles, import them in 5 sec and you can use the Tiles Editor to create Ground, Walls, Briges tiles in your big map.

Distribution : Commercial
Platform(s) of the tool : Browser (Flash) - Browser (HTML5) - Browser (Java) - Browser (Unity) - Macintosh - PC (Windows)
Platform(s) of the games created : Browser (Flash) - Browser (HTML5) - Browser (Java) - Browser (Unity) - Macintosh - PC (Windows)