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WEGAS (Web Game Authoring System) AlbaSim / Haute Ecole d'Ingénierie et de Gestion du canton de Vaud (Switzerland), AlbaSim (Switzerland), 2014 Use it Now !



(Game creation toolkit)

Create new autonomous games :
  • Initial state (levels...)
  • visual editor
  • Rules of the game
  • visual editor
  • proprietary script language
  • Output (graphics, sounds...)
  • import (images, sounds...)
  • 2D display
+ Integrated sharing platform

Targeted genres :
Adventure & Role

Similar tools

WEGAS WEGAS (Web Game Authoring System) is an authoring software enabling rapid development of Serious Games for educational purposes (Serious games authoring software).

WEGAS allows trainers to create and adapt their simulations to different areas of knowledge (engineering , SI, logistics, NGOs, public health, etc).
Wysiwyg interfaces allow the creation of simple games without programming knowledge.

WEGAS support collaboration both for designing and use of serious games.

- Web Access: no installation or updates
- Visual Scripting Edition
- Collaboration between game designers
- Visualization of the narrative structure of scenarios
- Game design based on an existing template or from scratch
- Interaction between trainers and learners
- Monitoring of learners' performances

Distribution : Internet - Open Source - Commercial
Platform(s) of the tool : Browser
Platform(s) of the games created : Browser (Flash)