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Graphic Adventure Creator (GAC) Incentive Software (Sean Ellis, Brendan Kelly, Dave Kirby, "The Kid") (United Kingdom), Incentive Software (United Kingdom), 1986 Download it Now !




Create new autonomous games :
  • Initial state (levels...)
  • visual editor
  • Output (graphics, sounds...)
  • visual editor
  • text-based display

Targeted genres :
Adventure & Role

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Graphic Adventure Creator Graphic Adventure Creator (often shortened to GAC) is a game creation system/programming language for adventure games published by Incentive Software, originally written on the Amstrad CPC by Sean Ellis, and then ported to other platforms by, amongst others, Brendan Kelly (Spectrum), Dave Kirby (BBC, Electron) and "The Kid" (Malcolm Hellon) (C64). The pictures in the demo adventure, Ransom, were made by Pete James and the box cover art by Pete Carter. [source:wikipedia]

Distribution : Retail - Commercial
Platform(s) of the tool : Amstrad CPC - BBC Micro - Commodore 64 - ZX Spectrum
Platform(s) of the games created : Amstrad CPC - BBC Micro - Commodore 64 - ZX Spectrum