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Dungeon RPG Tsukūru Dan-Dan Dungeon 1994 ASCII Japan ASCII
ACK NEXT GENERATION 1994 Johann Christian Lotter Germany Johann Christian Lotter
Ca3D-Engine 1994 Carsten Fuchs Germany Carsten Fuchs
MegaZeux 1994 Software Visions (Alexis Janson) Software Visions
Addventure 1994 Allen S. Firstenberg U.S.A. Allen S. Firstenberg
Game Builder 1993 Ed Simpson U.S.A. MVP Software
ACK-3D 1993 Larry Myers Germany Larry Myers
Adventure Generator 1993 Campbell Wild United Kingdom Campbell Wild
Blitz Basic II 1993 Mark Sibly New Zealand Acid Software
Inform 1993 Graham Nelson United Kingdom Graham Nelson
RPM Racing 1992 Silicon & Synapse U.S.A. Interplay Entertainment, / Victor Interactive Software
Dante 2 1992 ASCII Japan ASCII
RPG Tsukūru Dante 98 1992 ASCII Japan ASCII
Super ZZT 1992 Epic MegaGames (Allen Pilgrim / Tim Sweeney) U.S.A. Epic MegaGames
TADS 2.0 1992 High Energy Software (Michael J. Roberts) U.S.A. High Energy Software
Authorware 1992 Macromedia (Michael Allen) U.S.A. Macromedia
Chimes Quest 1992 ASCII Japan ASCII
OASYS 1992 Russell Wallace Ireland Russell Wallace
3D Construction Kit II 1992 Incentive Software (Paul Gregory) United Kingdom Domark
Game-Maker 1991 Gregory Andrew Stone U.S.A. Recreational Software Designs
Dezaemon 1991 Athena Japan Athena
ZZT 1991 Epic MegaGames (Tim Sweeney) U.S.A. Epic MegaGames
QuestMaker 1991 Marietta Co-opware Marietta Co-opware
3D Construction Kit 1991 Incentive Software (Paul Gregory / Sean Ellis) United Kingdom Domark
Dante 1990 ASCII (Soram) Japan ASCII
AMOS 1990 Jawx (François Lionet / Constantin Sotiropoulos) France Europress Software
Dungeon Manjiro 1988 ASCII Japan ASCII
Mamirin 1988 ASCII Japan ASCII
Quest V1.0 1988 Conroy & Conroy (Alan Conroy) U.S.A. Conroy & Conroy
STOS The Game Creator 1988 Jawx (François Lionet / Constentin Sotiropolos) France Mandarin Software
Course of Action 1988 Authorware Inc. (Michael Allen) U.S.A. Authorware Inc.
Director 1.0 1988 Macromind U.S.A. Macromind
Talespin 1988 MicroDeal (Mark Heaton) United Kingdom MicroDeal
ST Adventure Creator 1988 Incentive Software (Sean Ellis) United Kingdom Incentive Software
Shoot'Em-Up Construction Kit 1987 Sensible Software United Kingdom Outlaw
Adventure Game Toolkit 1987 David Malmberg David Malmberg
TADS 1987 High Energy Software (Michael J. Roberts) U.S.A. High Energy Software
Adventure Definition Language 1987 Ross Cunniff / Tim Brengle U.S.A. Ross Cunniff / Tim Brengle
Wargame Construction Set 1986 Strategic Simulations Inc U.S.A. Strategic Simulations Inc
World Builder 1986 Silicon Beach Software (William C. Appleton) U.S.A. Silicon Beach Software
Professional Adventure Writer 1986 Graeme Yeandle / Tim Gilberts / Phil Wade United Kingdom Gilsoft
AdvSys 1986 David Betz U.S.A. David Betz
Graphic Adventure Creator 1986 Incentive Software (Sean Ellis, Brendan Kelly, Dave Kirby, "The Kid") United Kingdom Incentive Software
Garry's Kitchen Gamemaker 1985 Garry Kitchen U.S.A. Activision
Racing Destruction Set 1985 Rick Koenig (Rick Koenig) Electronic Arts & Ariolasoft (Europe)
Generic Adventure Game System 1985 Mark Welch Mark Welch
Alan 1985 Thomas Nilsson / Göran Forslund Sweden Thomas Nilsson / Göran Forslund
Adventurescape 1985 A&B Computing

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